Aug, 2015

Approved Solar Cleaners!

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ResizeImage.aspx Clean Solar Solutions Ltd are the UK’s leading solar panel cleaning company and Reflections are their sole approved contractors for the area.

We have attended their dedicated solar panel cleaning training course, and as a result we know exactly how to safely clean your solar panels professionally, to a high standard and we do so in line with the warranty provided by your solar panel manufacturer. We are trained, experienced and fully insured for commercial solar panel cleaning projects of all sizes.

Our team of cleaning professionals utilises high-tech Reach & Wash systems to minimise the use of ladders and access equipment for a safer and quicker cleaning process. Because this is the same technology used for window cleaning you can expect the same spotless & sparkling results on your solar panels!

Health & safety is a prime concern when cleaning high output installations, but you can relax knowing our team are fully trained to deal with the challenges of commercial solar cleaning. Contact Us today to see what we can do for you!

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